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Quarry Lake Medical Park 

4700 Seton Center Parkway Suite 150

Austin, Texas 78759

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Spray Tear Drops Are Back! 

We sell tear drops again, Advance Eyelid Spray by Ocusoft. It's a product that offers a spray as the alternative to eye drops for treating dry eye, excessive blinking, eye rolling, excessive rubbing, eye pain without a clear explanation. It's a quick easy way to avoid the fuss of giving a child eye drops. 

Busse Optical 

Although quaint, our optical carries a select choice of children's eyeglasses that will give your child the best fit possible, greatest quality, durability, and that are current with the latest fashion trends; while all remaining wholesomely priced. We stand by our workmanship and our professional advice. If you ever have a problem, we will never leave you in dark.